Becoming a Board Member

Benefits of Being a Board Member

As you decide whether a board role is right for you, consider the following benefits serving on the AAF Triangle Board of Directors will give you.

Expand Your Network

This new network can be an asset for the rest of your career when you are looking for new executive jobs, additional board roles, or simply to swap ideas with someone who has a different outlook than you.

Intellectual Challenge

For leaders who are always curious to learn more things, board duties will provide a rewarding intellectual challenge. If the board serves a different industry than your specialty, you will need to become well-versed on the sector and its competitive landscape in order to make informed contributions.

Grow Your Personal Brand

The additional exposure will have a positive impact on your visibility to executive search consultants and further assist them in understanding your unique value when sourcing potential board candidates.

Makes You Better at Your Current Job

The deviation from your norm will teach you news ways of operating and how different organizations and industries approach situations.

Board Application

As a board member of AAF Triangle, you will be joining a talented group of professionals with an array of connections, resources, and professional development tools to support our local community of advertising professionals.


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    Members of AAF have dedicated professionals who work, teach, and study in the field; and have a passion for advancing the advertising industry. As an active member, you’ll have access to AAF’s well-connected community that will help you boost your knowledge and advance your career. Plus, you can connect with advertising agencies and marketers in the Triangle through one of our professional chapters across North America.

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    As the saying goes “It takes a village.” Join our village and help bring the region’s marketing and advertising community to life.

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