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Being a part of this association provides you with a network of other influential people that join in our common goal of building a vibrant community. Together we can build something beautiful. Together we are The Heart of Cary. The Heart of Cary Association is an organization filled with passionate, community-conscious, and friendly people that represent their neighborhoods, nonprofits, and businesses.

For Residents

Residents enjoy the ease of meeting like-minded and passionate neighbors and community leaders. HOCA provides numerous structured volunteer opportunities where you can help make a difference and allows you to participate in the strategic economic development of Downtown Cary. As the heartbeat of Downtown Cary, HOCA makes it easy to stay informed about all the current events and happenings in the local area.

For Merchants

Merchants enjoy the benefit of being able to promote your business and organization through HOCA’s social media and email newsletter that are viewed by thousands of Cary’s most active community members that are passionate about supporting local businesses. Through HOCA you can also expand your personal and professional networks with community members and other business owners. HOCA is also a great way to build your brand through sponsorship opportunities that reach an engaged audience that is looking for ways to better support the economic development of Cary.

For Nonprofits

Nonprofits and volunteerism are the engine for growth and change and are celebrated through HOCA. Our Nonprofits enjoy the benefit of building awareness at membership meetings where they can engage with highly active and influential community members, businesses and other nonprofits. HOCA will also help you publicize events and fundraisers as well as feature your organization in our online platforms. Our nonprofit members also have access to our generous Heart of Cary Association grants that are graciously supported by our local residents and merchants.

Our Next Membership Meeting

There are no upcoming events.

Connected to the Heart of Downtown Cary since 1997

Our Mission is to inform, engage, support and empower merchants, organizations, and residents of Downtown Cary.

We do it by hosting membership meetings that feature speakers, announcements on current events in downtown and a meal. We also host events that bring people to downtown Cary and political forums. Members are encouraged to become involved through committees and by serving on the Board of Directors.

The Heart of Cary Association is governed by a Board of Directors. The Board oversees all committees. We have recently formed a merchants’ committee. Soon we will also form committees for nonprofits and residents. These committees will represent our three main stakeholders, and will meet to ensure that their interests are being taken into account within the Heart of Cary Association.

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