Silver Medal

Purpose and Overview

The AAF’s Silver Medal Award Program was established in 1959 to recognize men and women who have made outstanding contributions to advertising, and who have been active in furthering the industry’s standards, creative excellence, and responsibility in areas of social concern.

Silver Medal recipients are selected by a panel of judges who are past Silver Medal Award winners, actively involved in marketing and communications in the Triangle area. Judges use the following criteria when making their selections:

Contribution to His/Her Company

The recipient must have achieved a success in one of the following areas of work: advertising agency, advertiser, media, or advertising service.

Creative Ability

The recipient must have shown a consistent, high degree of original thinking in their field.

Contributions to the General Advancement of Advertising

The recipient must have worked to increase the stature and raise the standards of the advertising profession.

Contributions to the Community

The recipient should be someone who has been active in civic, religious, or other groups dedicated to human or social welfare.

Service to the American Advertising Federation

The honoree should have demonstrated a long-term commitment to the AAF Triangle. Service to the corresponding AAF District and AAF National further solidifies the depth of service.

Past Silver Medalists

2016 Natalie Perkins 

2015 Ken Eudy 

2014 Scott Burkhead

2013 Lisa Rondina 

2012 Debra Hooper 

2011 Frank Manson

2010 Don Curtis

2009 Sue Toth

2008 Michael Winslow 

2006 Eva A. May

2005 Robert F. Lauterborn 

2004 Richard D. French 

2000 Mike and Lynn Harper 

1999 Larry Gardner 

1998 Nancy Perry Johnson

1997 Gary Yellen

1996 Frank Daniels, Jr. 

1995 Charlie Gaddy

1994 Tom Bowers

1993 Arthur Sperry

1992 Carolyn MacFadyen 

1991 Charles Fricke 

1990 Wally Ausley

1989 James E. Goodmon

1988 Orville Campbell 

1987 Robert Butler 

1986 Donald H. Williams

1985 Alex MacFadyen 

1984 Sheila Hale Ogle 

1983 Gene Lewis 

1982 Fred Fletcher 

1981 Carl Bogle 

1980 Fred Crisp 

1979 Jim Heavner 

1978 Wesley Wallace 

1977 Bill Gardner

1976 William D. “Billy” Carmichael

1975 A. J. Fletcher

1973 Dick Mason 

1972 Dave Jones 

1971 Charles McKinney

1969 Nan Hutchins 

1968 Gus Younsteadt 

1967 C. Knox Massey 

1966 John Mayo 

1964 Mike Silver 

1963 J. T. Howard 

1962 T. S. Feree 

1961 John Gordon

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